God loves you. (John 3.16)
Abundant life is available in Jesus. (John 10.10) 
Sin separates men and women from God. Therefore, sin prevents men and women from enjoying the abundant life in Jesus. (Isaiah 59.2) 
Everyone has sinned. (Romans 3.23)
Because of the blood Jesus shed on the cross, sins can be forgiven. (Colossians 1.14)
If sinners will repent and be converted, their sins will be erased. (Acts 3.19) 
Salvation is only granted through Jesus. (Acts 4:12) 
Jesus delivers from the slavery of sin. (John 8.36, 1 John 3.8-9) 
It is important to remember the poor. (Galatians 2:10)
Pure religion involves relieving the afflicted and living a holy life. (James 1:27)
The Holy Spirit is necessary for salvation. (Romans 8.1, 14)
God can miraculously heal and deliver from sickness. (James 5.15)
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