Divine Healing

God is able to take care of our physical infirmities.

The following pages are some testimonies of divine healing that we've witnessed. God has healed in multiple locations and through a variety of ministers and congregations who have prayed. These pages are not intended to lift up any man, for no man can heal. The ministers involved have been of different doctrinal persuasions on sanctification and divine healing convictions. One consistent theme in all the testimonies is that God was merciful, and God answered prayer. 

Truly God deserves much praise for his mercy and healing touch. 

2017 - A woman in Ohio had a growth under her arm that was causing her pain. She asked the ministry at her church to anoint her with oil and pray for her. The next day the growth and the related pain were gone.  

2016 - Injured Shoulder Healed
A man in Ohio had a shoulder injury at work and was unable to lift his arm like normal. He asked the ministry to pray for him, and his arm was fine the next day.  
2012 - Four Day Headache Healed

A girl in Ohio had a headache for four days, for which she took medicine. The medicine did not help. Within five minutes of prayer by a minister, the headache was gone.  
2012 - Torn Shoulder Healed

A woman in Ohio had a shoulder injury from an accident that happened while helping to move an appliance. An MRI showed that her rotor cuff was torn in several places, and her doctor told her she needed surgery. Her congregation offered up prayers for her, and she healed without surgery.

2012 - 9 Day Migraine Healed

A woman in Ohio suffered with a migraine headache for 9 days. She came to the worship service on Sunday morning in spite of the migraine, wearing sun glasses to reduce the pain from the lights. She was anointed with oil, the minister layed hands on her, and the congregation had an agreement of prayer. During the worship, God touched her. She removed her sun glasses and gave praise to God for the relief.

2012 - Asthma Healed

A woman in Ohio had complications with Asthma, and she was suffering from side effects of asthma medications. Prayers were made for her without laying on of hands, and God moved in her behalf. She was able to drop the medications that bothered her, and her breathing improved as well.

2011 - Torn Ligaments Healed

A teenage girl in Ohio had been suffering with wrist pain for approximately one year. An MRI revealed that the cause of the pain was some torn ligaments and torn cartilage. Several ministers anointed her with oil, layed hands on her, and prayed the prayer of faith on several occasions. One night as her wrist was hurting before she went to sleep she removed her wrist brace and told the Lord that if she woke up without pain she would know that God had healed her. The next morning, she woke up without any pain.

2011 - Knee Healing

A woman with knee pain in Ohio was concerned she would need surgery, but didn't feel she could afford to spend time in recovery. She asked some ministers to anoint and pray for her, and God healed her without surgery.

2011 - Cancer Healed

A woman suffering with cancer asked some ministers in Ohio to anoint a handkerchief for healing. The ministry did as requested and sent her the handkerchief. Several weeks later she was cancer free.

2010 - Infection Healed

A young sister at a campmeeting in Tennessee had been suffering with an infection that was spreading from her rib to her arm. She asked the ministry to pray for healing. God moved, and the infection began clearing up rapidly. By the next day the infection was reduced to a small circle on her rib.

2010 - Baby Healed of Ear Infection

A baby in Ohio had been suffering from an ear infection. She was in pain and hadn't been playing like normal for several days. A minister had prayer for her, and she found a little relief. Later that evening, she was still suffering. The minister anointed her with oil and had prayer again. In the same hour, her countenance lifted, her pain decreased, and she began playing in the home.

2009 - Miraculous Recovery

A woman in Ohio had an open heart surgery from which she was not recovering well. Her kidneys were shutting down, and her lungs were filling with fluid. It didn't look like she was going to make it. A minister layed hands on her and prayed for her, and a local congregation was praying for her. Her kidneys started functioning again, and the fluid was gone from her lungs. A week later, a doctor told the family he was surprised at her recovery. He had been afraid she wasn't going to make it.

2008 - Woman in Ohio - Healed of Gall Stones

A woman in Ohio was suffering from pain from gall stones. She had done a home remedy with olive oil to pass the stones, but the stones would form again and cause more pain. She asked to be anointed with oil and have prayer. The minister prayed, and God brought some relief from the pain. She asked for a second prayer, and God brought more relief. She asked a third time, and God brought complete healing. 

Approx 2002 - Woman healed of thyroid problem

A woman in Ohio was diagnosed with a thyroid problem, and the doctor recommended some type of treatment or medication. She asked for prayer, and a group of ministers anointed her with oil and prayed for her. At her next consultation, the doctor told her the problem was cleared up.

2002 - Boy in Mansfield, Ohio - Excessive Ear Wax and Ear Pain

God healed my son when his doctor could not help him.

When we lived in Mansfield, Ohio and attended the church of God at 808 N Trimble Rd, our son appeared to have difficulty hearing as a baby and as a toddler. When he was about six years old (~2002), he developed pain in his ears that would cause him to cry out at times.

We took him to our pediatrician's office, and the doctor found that his body produced excessive amounts of ear wax. The wax would fill his ears and get impacted, which caused the pain and hearing loss. The doctor couldn't do anything to reduce the amount of ear wax his body produced, so she told us to use Debrox, a liquid solution that loosens ear wax to allow it to drain out of the ear. They told us that he would always have this problem, and that he would be "married" to Debrox for life.

We used the Debrox to help keep his ears free of the excessive wax, but it was still difficult to keep the ear wax from building up. He would still cry out in pain. One evening in church we asked the ministers to anoint him and pray for him according to James 5.14. His hearing problem cleared up, and he no longer had ear pain. We took him back to the doctor's office, and they told us to quit using the Debrox because he didn't need it anymore.

We give God the praise for this healing. He is still free from this problem (2016)

Approx 1993-2003 Man in West Virginia - Life Extension

A man in WV was given six months to live in the early 1990's due to a heart condition. He was unsaved at the time, and prayers went up that God would extend his life until he got saved. God answered prayer. About ten years later, he got saved. Two weeks after he got saved he passed away.

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