In the early 1960's a group of people in Findlay wanted to start a congregation that would allow for fellowship among Christians who upheld the Bible doctrines of holiness and unity. They began worshipping in a home. Sister Grace Henry, author of the book Highways and Hedges (about Sister E. Faith Stewart's labors), was the first pastor. God blessed the effort, and soon there were over one hundered people attending. Below are some quick facts and pictures of the pastors and families.

1961: Approximate beginning of congregation in a home on Dayton Ave in Findlay.

1965: Purchased the building at 119 E Lima Street in Findlay.

1969: (approximate date) Sister Grace Henry retired.

1970: Brother Woodrow and Sister Victoria Smithson began pastoring. 

2005: Brother Woodrow Smithson resigned from pastoring due to complications with Parkinson's disease. He passed away on 2/8/2008. (Sister Victoria passed away on 2/8/2017. She was part of the congregation for approximately 46 years.) 

2006: Brother Joshua and Sister Jeri Lynn Thilmony began pastoring

Sister Grace Henry, as shown in the book, Highways and Hedges   Brother and Sister Smithson   Brother and Sister Thilmony
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