If you would like to provide financial support for the mission of the Lima Street Church of God, please click on the link below.  When donating, you can select either of the following funds. 
General Fund: This fund supports the local operations of the church as well as needs outside the church:
*7.5% domestic mission fund - community needs in Findlay, assistance to charities during national disasters. 
*7.5% international mission fund - support for missions in Haiti, Kenya, and the Philippines
*30% (approx) - major maintenance projects on our church building
*30% (approx) - ministerial support
*10% (approx) - utilities, insurance, cleaning, landscaping
*5% revival and fellowship meetings 
*10% other  
Haiti Water Fund: 100% goes to Bro Nathan Dieudonne in Haiti, who manages an operation that produces water filters for families to create their own clean water for drinking. All offerings for this fund are forwarded to Bro Nathan each month to assist with expenses for creating the water filters.