Revival Meeting 

Guest Speaker: Bro Tony Malatesta.
Dates: December 2nd - 4th.  
Friday 7pm
Saturday 6pm
Sunday 10am and 6pm
For more information on events, please call Bro Josh Thilmony at 419-721-7384.

What a mighty God we serve!

God has met all of our needs, and his rich blessings abound for body, soul, and spirit!  

Please join us for our services on Sundays and Wednesdays at 119 E Lima Street in Findlay as we share what he has done for us!

Service Times


Prayer 9:30 am
Morning Worship - 10 am
Sunday School - 5 pm
Sisters Prayer 5:30 pm
Evening Worship - 6 pm

Brothers Prayer 6:40 pm 
Praise and Worship - 7 pm
Bible Study Groups 7:45 pm 

Thoughts From A Recent Sermon...

But He Was A Leper
Bro Josh Thilmony, 10/16/2016 
2 Kings 5.1 Now Naaman...was a great man...but he was a leper.
A Scottish preacher named Alexander Whyte once said, "...with all his honors, Naaman was nothing better than a dean man." Leprosy is a type of sin. Many a nobel prize winner looks in the mirror at a sinner. In all their greatness, they are confronted by their own sins. 
Sinners have blind spots. Naaman knew he was a leper. It was with him everywhere he went. However, sinners often have to be told they are sinners, Whyte says. Saints sometimes have blind spots. They do not see themselves. I once told a friend of mine that I liked change. Then I told him that I hoped God didn't tell me to move to a different house. He said, "You have a blind spot." David had a blind spot. He endeavored to get by with his adultery and murder. God had to send a prophet to deal with the need.  
Through preaching, God helps people overcome their blind spots. Song of Solomon, chapter 3, tells of the woman, the church, looking for her husband. She could not find him in the broad ways. How true that is. We cannot find God in the broad way. However, the watchmen found her. Here is another truth: the men of God often know your need before you do. After she met the watchmen, she quickly found the one she loved. Once we hear anointed preaching, we quickly have our needs met.  
Self is the root of sin. Every man is tempted, when he is drawn away of his own lust, James says. Naaman almost missed his healing because the prophet's plan wasn't grand enough. How many saints backslide and sinners get in trouble when the simplistic message of the gospel is beneath their grand plans. God teaches us repeatedly in the Ecclesiastes that we should enjoy the simple things and fear God rather than get entangled in this life. Happy is the man who denies himself of his grand plans and lives on less. Don't get entangled, Paul says.  Jesus says that thorns await those who are too involved in this world. 

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