All Day Meeting

Saturday, Sept 2
Time: 10am
Location: Church of God, Medina, Ohio
For more information on events, please call Bro Josh Thilmony at 419-721-7384.

Help from above...

Need help? God's eyes are scanning the earth to see who he can help. His rich blessings abound for body, soul, and spirit!  

Please join us for our services on Sundays and Wednesdays at 119 E Lima Street in Findlay to worship our wonderful Savior!

Service Times


Prayer 9:30 am
Morning Worship - 10 am
Sunday School - 5 pm
Sisters Prayer 5:30 pm
Evening Worship - 6 pm

Brothers Prayer 6:40 pm 
Praise and Worship - 7 pm
Bible Classes for Adults, Youth, and Children  7:45 pm 

Thoughts From A Recent Sermon...

How To Deal With Extremists
Bro Joshua Thilmony, 8/13/2017 
Revelation 13.4 ...who is able to make war with him?  7) and he made war with the saints, and overcame them. 
This beast represents the combination of church and state in the early Roman Catholic church. It was an extremist, killing those who disagreed with it. John Huss was among the number who were killed. He preached that Jesus was the head of the church, and the beast sentenced him to death for it. The beast overcame him by burning him at the stake. God allowed it to happen in order to display his amazing grace: John Huss prayed for his enemies while he was burning. Sometimes God allows problems to remain that we might lean heavily on the Spirit of God for help and strength.
One way to deal with extremists is to get your heart right with God in case you are a victim. Then they can only harm your body, and, as Jesus said, not your soul. 
Another way to deal with them is to recognize that God loves every one of them, and he invites them to repent, change their ways, and join his family.  
The best long term solution is for the church to find the blessings of God, as the Psalmist said in Psalm 133. God commanded his blessings on Zion. His blessings provide a miraculous lift that leads you in the highway beyond your own strength. When the church is blessed, the world can see a city set on a hill that calls men to a better way than hatred and murder.  

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